Ultimate Survival Kit - Plus

 USAF Aircrew Version - New & Improved

ultimate survival kit combo

The original BCB Ultimate Survival Kit, USAF Aircrew Version, was developed and modified in collaboration with the United States Air Force. It is based on the Ultimate Survival Kit (UK Version), but is better supplied and geared toward use by the US military (NATO approved NSN 8465-99-270-7742).

Now we have taken the USAF Aircrew Version of the Ultimate Survival Kit and improved it, still further, by upgrading some items and adding even more of the survival supplies that one might need in a survival situation.

mini maxx ultimate survival kit

This BCB Ultimate Survival Kit (Aircrew version) includes virtually every element required to help an individual survive in extreme conditions for up to 7 days. The Ultimate Survival Kit (USAF Aircrew Version) is standard equipment with numerous USAF squadrons throughout the US and overseas.

Since the BCB Ultimate Survival Kit (USAF Aircrew Version) is so extremely popular, we decided to rebuild it using all of the same quality BCB gear as the original. As for the most part, they are the identical, while in fact, some of the items are of better quality, and we have included more survival items, so you will ultimately get more bang for your buck! 

 The Compact Fishing Kit comes with more of the necessary items needed  to help you procure food in an emergency situation. We've added the NATO Stormproof Matches (waterproof, windproof), in place of regular matches, because we feel that no kit should be without them, as is the case with the 7 strand 550 Parachord. As an added benefit, we've also thrown in a Fresnel Lens Magnifier/ backup Fire Starter (you can't have too many fire starters), a P-38 can opener (if you've ever been in the military, you know what they are), and 2 Electrolyte Tabs  to help replenish your body of needed minerals that may have been lost in dehydration. Electrolyte tablets help minimize fatigue and prevent muscle cramps and heat prostration due to excessive perspiration.

As if that wasn't enough, we decided to add the Photon Micro-Light at no additional cost !

mini maxx ultimate survival kit layout

BCB Ultimate Survival Kit USAF Aircrew version PLUS
Original Version New & Improved
- Mini Mess Tin with roller clamps
- Nylon cord
- Button compass
- Small Tea Candle
- BCB Ranger Flint & Striker
- Fishing kit
- Tinder - tampons
- Mini multi-tool - pliers only
- Matches (regular)
- Sewing kit (small hard to thread eyelet needles, regular thread)
- Purification tablets
- Safety pins
- Single edge razor
- Salt sachets
- Signal mirror (not Mayday, lesser quality)
- Whistle (British Lifeboat whistle)
- Snare wire
- Wire saw (wire loops, no rings)
- Pencil
- Note Paper
- Water Filter Straw -Note: the BCB purification straw is no longer included in the Ultimate Survival Kit nor is it allowed in the US !
-Water bag

-Survival instructions  (Survival instructions are minimal. We suggest the SAS Survival Handbook
by John Wiseman for the best in total survival instructions. (It is about the same size as the Ult. Survival Kit and will fit perfectly together in our pouch - see below)
- Mini Mess Tin with rubber seal & roller clamps
- Parachord (550 - 7 strand strength)
- Button Compass (20mm style)
- Small Tea Candle
- BCB Ranger Flint & Striker 
- Basic Fishing Kit (better quality)
- TinderQuik Tabs (waterproof -burns longer)
- Mini Multi-tool
- NATO Storm Matches
- Sewing Kit (Heavy Duty Thread -2, #18,#20 lrg. eyelet Chenille Needles)
- Purification Tabs -10 ea.
- Safety Pins
- Single edge razor or scalpel blade
- Electrolyte Tabs- replaces salt
- BCB Mayday Signal Mirror - better quality
- Whistle (lifeboat distress whistle)
- Snare Wire
- Commando Wire Saw (BCB wire saw with rings)
- Pencil
- 2 sheets waterproof paper
- Water Filter Straw - (optional, but highly recommended)
-Whirlpak Standup Survival Water Bag

Also Included are :
- *Fresnel Lens (4X magnifier/backup fire starter)
- *P-38 military can opener (military classic)
- *Photon Micro-Light (below)

As you can see, the new & improved Survival kit is truly an
"Ultimate Survival Kit"

And yes, everything listed, including the Water Filter Straw and the Photon  Micro-light will fit in the waterproof tin!

*We do, however, strongly urge you to take note of how everything has been placed in the survival tin when you first open it. Then you can either place the items in the same order or experiment with your own technique.

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partial contents - click for larger image

Ultimate Survival Kit PLUS
New and Improved USAF Aircrew Survival Kit

Contains all of the above gear with the following exceptions:
-Same as original BCB Ultimate kit, but with added and better quality items.
-Does not include Aquamira Water Filter Straw

(MiniMaxx) Ultimate Survival Kit PLUS
USAF Aircrew Version
NATO Approved
Weight: less than a lb.
Size: 5.25" x 4" x 1.25"
NSN 8465-99-270-7742


Aquamira Water Filter Straw in use

PLEASE NOTE: While we still supply the Water Purification Straw with our kit, we have been forced to leave the straw stem outside of the kit, until we find a better solution. The manufacturer no longer produces these with an accordion style straw, due to past problems of wearing at the bend of the straw. We do not wish to cut the straw in order to fit it in the kit, but leave this as a possible alternative for the customer, who may wish to do so. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

N&I Ultimate Survival Kit Plus + 
(BCB Ultimate-USAF Aircrew version PLUS +)
contents closeup

Contains all of the above gear in the N&I  Ultimate Survival Kit plus the following :
*Includes Aquamira Water Filter Straw
(MiniMaxx) Ultimate Survival Kit PLUS
USAF Aircrew version
with Water Filter Straw
Size: 13 x 9.5 x 3cm (5 x 3.5 x 1")

White Photon Micro-light
photon micro light

Has an incredible brilliant bright white light.
Push button activates light.
On/off switch for hands free operation.
More than 12 hour battery life
 Unbreakable LED lamp
Still fits comfortably in the kit with all the other survival items.

kit pouch book combo

Digital Cam Belt Pouch

Belt Pouch is great for carrying your survival kit, and it will accommodate
the SAS Survival Guide as well, with a little room left over
for a Heatsheets Blanket, poncho, etc.
Digital Camo Belt Pouch


SAS Survival Guide

Not only is the SAS Survival Guide one of the best guides on the subject of survival of all times, but this compact guide, being approximately the same size as the Ultimate Survival Kit makes it a perfect companion to fit it in the pouch above.