us military gear


US Military Survival Kit

Military Survival Fishing Kit
gi issue canteen cup
GI Issue Canteen Cup

US Mess Kit

Official Lensatic Compass

Pilot Hip Flask

Grilltop Stove/Stand

GI Issue Canteens

GI Issue
Canteen Cover
 2 Qt. Collapsible Canteen Cover black
2 Qt. Canteen/Cover

genuine butt pack
Genuine GI Butt Pack

Bug Repellant

P-38     P-51

Military Gel Fuel
2-Strap Cordura Nylon Duffle
USGI Type II Duffle Bag

Foot Powder

Military Issue
Gear Belts

GI Military Issue
Tri-fold Shovel
military wire saw
Official Military Wire Saw
Genuine GI Flashlights
GI Issue Anglehead Flashlights
star flash mirror
StarFlash Mirror

Genuine Doan Army Mag Fire Starter in plastic case

Doan GI Issue
Fire Starter

Military Issue

DermaSafe Razor Knife

Military Paracord
mayday signal mirror
 Mayday Signal Mirror
Ranger Firelighting Flint
BCB Ranger Fire Flint & Striker

Mess Kits - Accessories

Titanium Cook Set

usgi integral Canteen cook set
USGI Mess Kit
Stainless Canteen Set
Canteen Carry-all
GI Type Mess Kit
5 piece mess kit
5 pc. polished aluminum Mess kit
5 Pc. Stainless Steel Mess Kit
5 pc. S.S. Mess kit

MilSpec Mess Kit

Sierra Cup

GI Aluminum Cup
gi issue canteen cup
GI Issue S.S.
Canteen Cup
space saver cup 

Space Saver Cup

GI Aluminum Cup

Foldable Cup
fold a cup large
Foldable Cup lrg.

US Mess Kit
Utensil Chow Sets 
rothco 3 pc. folding chow set
Folding Chow Set

5 in 1 Chow Set
11 in 1 OD Foreign Legion Chow Set
11 in 1 Chow Set

GI Chow Set

Combo Utensils

NATO Style Chow Set
kfs set with opener
KFS Chow Set

pot gripper
Pot Gripper 

Folding Spork

od green spork
OD green Spork

Canteens - Covers

Arctic Canteen

Canteen Cup Kit w/ Cover
Aluminum Canteen Kit

Canteen Pistol Belt Kit
 2 Qt. Collapsible Canteen Cover black
2 Qt Canteen/Cover
Advanced Filtration
Pilot's Flask

GI Issue Canteen
 nalgene canteen new colors
Nalgene Canteens

Stainless Canteen Set

Stainless WWII Canteen

Molle Canteen Cover Multicam

Carry-all Cover Pouch
Canteen Carry-all

GI Issue
Canteen Cover

GI Issue
Canteen Cover

MOLLE Compatible Canteen Covers

GI Plus Khaki Cover

GI Plus OD Green

Carry All Canteen Pouch


ACU Digital

OD Green


Woodland Camo

Coyote Tan
Hammocks - Shelters

Rothco Mini Hammock

rothco super hammock
Rothco Super Hammock

lean to bivouc tent
Proforce Shelter/Fly

Moskito Hammock
Byer Mosquito Hammock

Blizzard Bag
pro force jungle hammack
Proorce Jungle Hammock
hennessy explorer deluxe
Hennessy Explorer

Rothco Lightweight Packing Hammock
More hammocks and shelters
Ponchos - Liners - Blankets
USGI  Virgin Wool Blanket

US Wool Blanket

Poncho Liner

GI Ponchos

More weather protection here...
Pouches - Load Bearing Gear
MOLLE GPS Compass Pouch
MOLLE GPS Compass Pouch

Uility Pouch
Canvas Utility Pouch

2 Pocket Belt Pouch

Alice Keeper Belt Clips

LC-1 H Suspenders

Butt Packs

Ammo Pouches

Canvas 7 Pocket Fanny Pack OD
Military Style Fanny Pack
2-Strap Cordura Nylon Duffle
USGI Type II Duffle

Shotgun/Airsoft Ammo Pouch

Pistol Belts

Tactical Shoulder Bag

RollUp Pouch

OD Canvas Top Load Duffle Bags
Top Load Duffle Bags

Side Zipper Duffle Bags

Water Bottle Pouch
Bug out carry bag black
Black Carry Out Bag

Camo Carry Out Bag
bug out carry bag OD green
OD Carry Out Bag

Utility Canteen Pouch

Trifold Shovel Cover
MOLLE Tactical Dump Poch
Molle Tactical Dump Pouch

Military Tin Pouch

Condor Speedy Sling

Rothco Single Point Sling

Rothco 2 Point Sling
More Packs, Pouches, Containers here...  

Military Gear Belts

GI Mosquito Head Net

Military Shemaghs

ProForce Shemaghs

Wool Watch Caps

Xlarge Bandanas

Head Wraps

SERE belt

Flame Resistant Swat Hood
flap caps
Cooling "Flap" Caps"
Survival Bandana
G.I.Plus Balaclavas
Parachord Bracelet
Parachord Bracelet

Acrylic Watch Cap

Ranger Pack Vest

Reversible Face Mask

Other Misc. Gear

USAF Survival Manual
match holder
Waterproof Match Box

Speedy Stitcher
Speedy Stitch
Multi-function Compass disassembled
6 in 1 Multifunction Tool

"100mph" Duct Tape

Rescue Tape

Luminous Tape

US Army Survival Manual
gruntlie braided utility cord
Gruntline Utility Cord

US Army Survival Manual

SAS Survival Guide

Camo Netting

NATO Military Camo Face Paint
Camo Face Paint

All Weather Notebook
All Weather notebook

ranger counting beads
Ranger Pace Beads

Sewing Kit