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Military Issue and Survival Gear for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Preppers alike.

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    pathfinder outdoor gear by self reliance outfitters

We Now Carry the Quality Pathfinder Stainless Outdoor Gear

Backpacks, and Pouches Galore...
Closeout Sale Prices!

cook set carry pouchcondor urban go packbcb mini mess tinshoulder bagmedium transport packdry bag   

Having a good backpack, or "Bug Out Bag" is essential to transporting your emergency supplies - having one filled prior and ready to go, is even better. ......SEE MORE

 ecoflow portable solar powered generators  
Shipped FREE right to your door...
Portable Powerful Solar Generators with long term stored energy to run appliances, electronics, tools, garage door openers, etc. in case of a blackout or emergency!

AQUATABS are a  "Must Have" for emergency and survival kits.

Aquatab Water Purification Tabs

Did you know.....
Aquatabs, available in bulk pricing, not only makes water safe to drink, but kills viruses, so it becomes a very inexpensive and effective way of disinfecting contaminating surfaces.

* Safe - EPA Approved - Iodine Free
* Each tab purifies 2 quarts of water for drinking
* Kills giardia, cyst, bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms
* Disinfectant wash for fruits, vegetables, toothbrushes, etc.
* Disinfects surfaces for medical and hospital use!
* Best use until 2025!

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A Few of Our Best Selling Items... At the BEST SALE PRICE EVER!

    red emty stomp trauma medical bag

    Original Heavy Duty
    SALE $99.95

    survival guides and books,  

    Survival Books

    Discounted to sell!



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