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Military Issue and Survival Gear for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Preppers alike.

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We Now Carry the Quality Pathfinder Stainless Outdoor Gear

Military, Mini, Knife and Pocket Survival Kits

 ultimate survival kitUST micro survival kitsol originbasic elements pskus vintage military survival kit  

Whether you keep one in your Bug Out Bag or just stand alone, the small pocket survival kit can be the difference between life and death.....SEE MORE

Outdoor Backpacking Stoves, Mess Kits, Cook Sets, Cups and Cookware

  mess kitesbit alcohol stovegi chow setstainless steel canteen setus military cook set  

Survival Cooking can be as simple as two rocks, a campfire, and a tin can. Obviously, the more efficient the stove, the easier the cooking.....SEE MORE


Emergency Survival Shelter and Weather Protection

blizzard bagall weather shelterjungle blanketproforce mosquito hammockemergency reflective tent    

 It is a top priority, vital for your survival, sometimes taking immediate precedence over food and even water....SEE MORE

Emergency Survival First Aid and Trauma Supplies

  splintbolin chest sealskin staplermilitary ifakoxygen kit

We carry a huge selection of First Aid and Trauma supplies for just about any emergency you might encounter....SEE MORE

Genuine Military Gear and Surplus Supplies

usgi canteen cupusgi mess kit military survival hand sawmilitary duffle bagmilitary shovel

These USGI Military Issue items are either presently issued, or have been issued to military troops in the past.....SEE MORE

Emergency Water Treatment, Purification, and Water Storage

   lifestrawpa pure water purifieraqua tabsph20 water filter pitcherkatagyn hikeraquamira water drops 

Because we feel water purification is such an important part of survival, we have stocked multiple products to be used anywhere from a mini survival kit to your kitchen counter ...SEE MORE

Survival Fire Starters, Fire Tinder and Stormproof Matches

doan fire starteraurura fire starterblastmatchsolar fire startersurvival matcheslmf army fire starter 

Fewer items could be of more importance than fire - among other things it provides warmth, light, water purification, a means to cook food, a way to signal, a method of disinfecting wounds ......SEE MORE

Survival Hunting, Fishing and Food Scavaging

 pocket snarethompson snare kimechanical fishermilitary survival kithunting spearsspeedhook

Food procurement can be the act of gathering and storing food supplies for long term survival, or just the ability to hunt, fish and snare small game for an immediate meal .....SEE MORE

Survival Gear Tools, Multitools and Repair Gear

usaf survival knifesurvival hatchetsupreme unbelievable sawfolding shovelleatherman skeletoolgrappling hook

Although not necessarily "a must have"  for survival, having the right tool can sure make life a lot easier!......SEE MORE

Emergency Radios, Lanterns, and Compasses 

voyager radiostreamlight nanoegghead headlampcompassluminaid60 day lantern

Off grid survival is a term used in survival situations where you are pretty much on your own, independent of the national "power grid" system our country relies on daily to provide us with electricity and the comforts we now take for granted. .....SEE MORE

Survival Signaling and Alert Warning Devices

starflash mirrorsurvival bandanaperimeter systemmultitooljetscream whistle  

There are two methods of communication - audio and visual, that will enable you to draw the attention for help, whether you are lost, hurt, or abandoned......SEE MORE

Backpacks, Carry Pouches, and Waterproof Containers

cook set carry pouchcondor urban go packbcb mini mess tinshoulder bagmedium transport packdry bag   

Having a good backpack, or "Bug Out Bag" is essential to transporting your emergency supplies - having one filled prior and ready to go, is even better. ......SEE MORE

build your own custom mini survival kit

diy custom mini survival kit 

Portable Hospital in a Backpack!

Stomp Medical Kit

NOW with even MORE of the supplies you need....our newly improved  Super Heavy Duty 1000 Denier Stomp Medical Kit is tough as nails, and comes fully stocked with well over 400 items, many of which we have included at no extra cost to you!  It is truly a "Portable Hospital in a Backpack", used by professionals, including Paramedics, Military, EMT, Search & Rescue and First Responders. Available in multiple colors. Best of all... It's Priced Right!


Military Grade Survival Kits

Ultimate Survival Kit

The original BCB Ultimate Survival Kit, USAF Aircrew Version, was developed and modified in collaboration with the United States Air Force. It is based on the Ultimate Survival Kit (UK Version), but is better supplied and geared toward use by the US military (NATO approved NSN 8465-99-270-7742). Now we have taken the USAF Aircrew Version of the Ultimate Survival Kit and improved it, still further, by upgrading some items and adding even more of the survival supplies that one might need in a survival situation.


Personal Safety and Protection

Gas Masks, Detection Units

Radiation detection alarms and monitors to to keep you aware of the slightest exposure to radition, helping your chances to avoid overexposure. Gas masks and escape masks to keep you safe in the event of biological, chemical and nuclear emergencies as well as protection from fire and gases. Advanced radiation water bottles and filter straws to filter out all radiological contaminates from exposed water supplies.



Educate Yourself on Survival

Survival Guides

Over 100 titles - SALE PRICED The majority of titles are priced less than Amazon! Having the right survival supplies is only part of the battle. Knowing how to use them effectively is essential in any off grid survival situation. Be sure to keep some type of reference guide in your Bug Out Bag for that critical emergrency situation.



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    Survival Books
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    USGI Pilot Flask

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    Lifestraw Family Water Filter Purifier
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    Leatherman Skeletool
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