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BCB International Bushcraft Survival Gear

BCBInternational, a UK based company, was first named after Dr Brown's Cough Bottle in 1914, a limited liability Co. BCB LTD was later purchased by D Howell in 1949, where 3 years later, the company designed and developed the world’s first life raft survival equipment. Since this time, BCB has been developing both land and marine style survival gear, for use with military, police, and search and rescue teams around the world.

Survival Kits

Ultimate Survival Kit USAF

BCB Ultimate Survival Kit USAF

Military Survival Kit

BCB Military Survival Tin

Bushcraft Survival Kit

BCB Bushcraft Survival Kit

Ultimate Survival Kit UK 

BCB Ultimate Survival Kit UK

bcb Fishing Kit 

BCB Survival Fishing Kit

bcb Go Pack

BCB Go Pack
Survival Kit SALE



Outdoor Cook Sets - Integral Cook Sets - Limited Supplies

bcb Integral Cook Set

Integral Crusader Cook Set

bushcraft dragon cooking system

Bushcraft Dragon
Cook System

crusader cup and cooker
Crusader Cup and Cooker


Dragon Multifuel Cook System

bcb Mess Tin Cooker

BCB Mess Tin Cooker

Dragon Fuel

FireDragon Solid Fuel

 bcb Outdoor Cookset

BCB Outdoor Cooking Set

 Pocket Survival Hand Saws

bcb Pocket Chain Saw

BCB Pocket Chain Saw

Military Hand Chain Saw

Military Hand Chain Saw

Commando Saw w/rings

BCB Commando Saw w/rings


Commando Saw w/Handstraps

BCB Commando Saw w/Handstraps

BCB Survival Signaling/Navigation

Mayday Mirror small 

Mayday Signal Mirror small

Mayday Mirror Large 

Mayday Signal Mirror Large

Howler Whistle

BCB Howler Survival Whistle

Mini Compass II 

Mini Compass II with Bezel

Survival Fire Starters

Ranger Fire Flint & Striker

BCB Ranger Fire Flint & Striker

Fireball Flint and Striker

BCB Fireball Flint and Striker

Fireball Striker with Compass

BCB Fireball Striker with Compass

Stormproof Matches 

BCB Stormproof Matches

BCB International Gear

Cooling Hat  

BCB Cooling Boonie Hat 

Field Notebook  

BCB Field Notebook 

bcb Shemagh 

BCB Military Issue Shemagh

bcb Cooling Scarf

BCB Neck Cooling Scarf 

Waterproof Notebook 

BCB Waterproof Notebook 


Folding Scissors

BCB Folding Scissors

sas survival
Complete SAS Survival Manual


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