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Gas Masks, Escape Masks - Radiation Protection

survival gas masks
radiation detection and protection

The recent earthquake in Japan has opened eyes to more than a few who now realize that most products from potassium iodide to food and water supplies will become very scarce, if not impossible, to buy in an extreme emergency. Manufacturers can only carry so much at one time - in most cases, not nearly enough to handle the needs required of those facing a large emergency crisis.

Radiation Detection and Protection

Nukalert Alarm Monitor 

Nukalert Radiation Alarm Monitor 

 Radiation Filter Straw

Seychelle Radiation Water Filter Straw

 Radiation Water Filter

Seychelle Radiation Water Filter Bottle

Radiation Detector

CDV700 Radiation Detector Geiger Counter

ProKi Potassium Iodide

ProKi Potassium Iodide

Iosat Potassium Iodide

Iosat Potassium Iodide

KI03 Potassium Iodate

KI03 Potassium Iodate

SGE Gas Masks - Mestel Filter

SGE 150  

Mestel SGE 150 Gas Mask

SGE 400 

 Mestel SGE 400 Gas Mask

GE 400-3 

Mestel SGE 400/3 Gas Mask

SGE 400-3BB 

Mestel SGE 400/3BB Gas Mask

Lens Frame

Mestel Gas Mask Optical Lens Frame

mestel filter

Mestel NBC Gas Mask Filter Canister

PVC Hood 

SGE Gas Mask PVC Hood

SGE Drinking system 

SGE Gas Mask Drinking System

Smoke, Gas Escape Masks

Xcaper Escape Masks 

Xcaper Smoke and Gas Escape Mask

iEvac Escape Hood 

iEvac Fire Escape Hood

Swat Hood

Flame and Heat Resistant Swat Hood


Israeli Gas Mask

israeli civilian gas mask

Israeli Civilian Gas Mask

Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask

Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask

Civilian Hydration System

Israeli Civilian Gas Mask Hydration System

Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask Hydration System

Hydration/Air Supply System

Israeli Gas Mask Hydration/Air Supply System

gas mask air supply unit

Israeli Gas Mask Air Supply Unit

gas mask hose

Gas Mask Air Supply HoseHose


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