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Photon II Micro Light

Photon II Micro Light

Used by NASA shuttle crews, US Military & the US Secret Service, the Photon II has proven to be among the toughest, most reliable LED micro-lights available.

 Photon II Micro LightMicro size, awesome power, convenient, and instantly accessible, the Photon Micro-Light easily goes anywhere you go. Its versatility, superior engineering, durability, simplicity, and trouble free use have made it a highly demanded accessory for police forces, NASA shuttle crews, Secret Service personnel...and for the backcountry use of people like you!! Truly "micro" the patented Micro-Light nearly hides under a U.S. Quarter and weighs about the same (a mere 5.5 grams). The trouble-free switch gives you instant brilliant light anywhere and anytime you need it. They lithium battery works in sub-zero temperatures and the LED technology generates an incredibly bright beam, able to light any path and get you out of any dark place.

 Photon II Micro Light clear Photon II Micro Light blue Photon II Micro Light red

Photon II
 Personal flashlight measures 1 1/2" x 1". Black plastic construction. Push button activates light. On/off switch for hands free operation. Unbreakable ultra bright bulb is visible over one mile. Features lithium Eveready battery and keyring. Choice of Red, Blue or White light.





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