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Speedhook Survival Fishing Trapping Snare Kit

Regular Speedhook 2 Pack
Speedhook 2 pk

Speedhooks are specifically designed for survival applications and are so effective, they are outlawed for non-survival use in some areas.

No Survival Kit Should Be Without One!

Both the Regular Speedhook and the Miltary Speedhook are used for pan fishing, ice fishing and survival trapping when no food is readily available. The Speedhooks work like a spring loaded trap and when a fish, or other small animal, "takes the bait", it automatically springs open setting the hook perfectly in a fish's mouth without damage to the fish.

The regular Speedhook is the same great Speedhook device as the one included in the military fishing and trapping kit, without the line, hook and bait. Speedhooks are the perfect supplement to the emergency fishing kit required by Alaskan and Canadian Aviation Regulations. No fishing pole is required.

The Regular Speedhook is a pack of 2 of the great Speedhook devices like the one included in the military fishing and trapping kit....just supply the line, bait, and hook and you basically have the Military Speedhook kit. This is one of the most effective small emergency fishing kits available. Catch dozens of fish while you prepare your valuable time for other purposes.
Check your local laws before using.

Speedhook 2 pack




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