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Survival Signaling Devices - Signal Mirror, Signal Whistle

emergency signaling devices

There are two methods of communication by way of emergency signal devices - audio and visual, that will enable you to draw the attention for help whether you are lost, hurt, or abandoned. The means you use will depend on your situation and the material you have available. Be certain you have at least one signal mirror and one signaling whistle from each category before trekking out.

Emergency Survival Signal Mirrors

BCB Mayday Signal Mirrors

BCB Mayday Signal Mirror

AMK Rescue Flash Mirror

AMK Rescue Flash Mirror

UST Starflash Mirror

UST Starflash Signal Mirror

Safe Signal - Day/Night

Safe Signal Mirror- Day and Night

military glass signal mirror

Military Glass Signal Mirror

Tops Necklace Mirror

Tops Necklace Signal Mirror

Starflash Micro

Starflash Micro Signal Mirror

Compact Signal Mirror

Compact Mini Signal Mirror

Emergency Survival Signal Whistles

UST Jetscream Whistle

UST Jetscream Survival Whistle

UST Jetscream Micro

UST Jetscream Micro Survival Whistle

AMK Rescue Whistle 

AMK Rescue Survival Whistle

Tops Survival Whistle

Tops Survival Whistle

Marine Distress Whistle  

Marine Distress Survival Whistle

Mini Whistles 

Mini Survival Whistles

Shark Fox 40 Whistle

Shark Fox 40 Survival Whistle

Survival Whistle 

3 Frequecy Survival Whistle

6 n 1 Multifunction Tool 

6 n 1 Multifunction Survival Tool

4 n 1 Survival Whistle 

4 n 1 Survival Whistle and Multitool

BCB Howler Whistle

BCB Howler Survival Whistle

 7 in 1 Survival tool

7 in 1 Multifunction Survival Tool

Emergency Signal Devices - Other

Survival Bandana

Orange Survival Signal Bandana with Tips

Distress Signal Flag

Distress Signal Survival Flag


12 Hour Emergency   Lightsticks

UST Lightsticks 

UST Find Me Lightsticks


Trail Marking Ribbon

HME Trail Marking Ribbon

Emergency Strobe 

Emergency Waterproof  Strobe Light


Adhesive Light Strip

BriteStrike All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips


Guardian Light

Guardian Dual Function Signal Rescue Light

Scout Whistle

Silver Plated Scout Whistle

Camp Perimeter System 

Camp Alert Security Perimeter System CAPSS3

UST Reflective Tape

UST Reflective Tape

UST Compass Whistle Combo

UST Combo Whistle Compass

UST LED See Me Stickers

UST LED See Me Stickers

ust glo tape

UST Glo Tape 4 Pack

splash flash

UST Splash Flash




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